You’ll dance what is served! Jaroslav Toussaint

Whoever takes a seat at Berlin choreographer Magda Korsinsky’s table can expect a big portion of non-conformance. This is served up by two young ladies, who crawl and loll about on a banquet as if they were the main course. But no, these two will not be devoured. They live here. The viewers, at an intimate distance from them, are less interesting to them than the pickled cucumbers, thick marinated sausages, eggs and the rest of the food, which they move about in a highly disorderly fashion with an increasing frenzy. The world might see erotic innuendos in this, but ultimately this is a game and dance performed freely.You might not think so, but Korsinsky’s piece is a loose adaptation of a film. “Daisies”, by Vera Chytilova, shone a bright light in the cultural darkness of post-Stalinist socialism in Czechoslovakia in the mid-sixties. The freedom of the senses and the sensuality of freedom are the themes of this colourful explosion of ideas, which border on being a public nuisance. A manifesto for humanity, waywardness and a world where non-conformism and pleasure are not opposites but go hand in hand.

And anyway, aren’t we supposed to play with food?