Magda Korsinsky
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Magda Korsinsky is a choreographer and artist of Czech and Eritrean descent. She was born in 1981 in Prague. She later studied Visual Arts at the UdK Berlin, ENSBA Paris as well as AVU Prague. Thanks to a DAAD-postgraduate grant, she was also able to study at the HAMU in Prague. Following her attainment of a Meisterschüler degree in the summer of 2007, she began to work as a visual artist and exhibited widely, including shows at Haus am Lützowplatz, Galerie Bourouina, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien Berlin, Kunsthaus Dresden, Künstlerhaus Sootbörn. In September of this year, her solo exhibition “Lingerie Diaries” at the gallery Dengler and Dengler opened as part of the Stuttgart “Art Alarm”.

Since 2007, she has been assistant and lecturer of the screen printing workshop in Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin. For her own screen printing work, she received the Recognition Award “Screening 2014″ from the Association of Fine Artists in the region of Hildesheim e.V. For the 20th anniversary of the Künstlerhaus Lukas, she was invited to work in Ahrenshoop for a month and to present her work at the end of her stay. In October 2014, she won the art prize of the “Freundeskreis des Künstlerhauses Ahrenshoop”.

As a performer, she worked with Andrea Crews and Nevin Aladag, to name but two examples. Her first performance, VRSTVY, featuring 9 performers and a musician, was presented in 2009 at Galerie AVU, Prague. Her piece entitled “Lena is not here right now” was first shown at the Uferstudios in November 2011 and was then invited to be included in the prestigious Tanztagen 2012 held at the Sophiensaelen in Berlin. She worked with the director Moritz Riesewick within the framework of Maxim Gorki-Theater’s Osterfestival 2012.

She successfully completed her degree in Choreography at HZT Berlin in 2012. Magda Korsinsky was also a recipient of a start-up grant from the city of Berlin for her Master’s Degree project “The quiet ribbon”,  a choreographed a cappella opera. In 2013 ,she received the dance grant from the Berlin Senate and the danceWebScholarship and spent five weeks at the Impulstanzfestival in Vienna. In November 2014, “Gazes that matter” premiered, which was her first collaboration with the Ballhaus Naunynstraße.

Since 2013, Korsinsky has been teaching socio-cultural workshops (1. Kinder und Jugendkongress Heidelberg, Akademie der Autodidakten am Ballhaus Naunynstraße Berlin, Robert-Blum-Schule Berlin, Kulturpädagogischer Dienst Stuttgart, open music Stuttgart).