The Seasons Project Week Primary school Schlierbach

Age group: 1st- 4th grade

In this one-week workshop, I would like to present the pupils with a playful way to dance expression. Through the imaginative and sensual approach to the topic of the seasons, the children experience their body as an instrument with which they tell, create and express themselves. I want to give them time and space to deal with the theme of seasons through dance.

Everyday experiences are essentially bound to things and their handling. I would like to make this fruitful for the process. Through constant change, metamorphosis and transitional forms, the function and handling of things is repeatedly questioned. Childhood things, which are chronological documents, are incorporated into an individual aesthetic biography. They also have an effect on a collective level. Thus things and experiences of things are individual and collective. This is what I would like to use for the creative work with the different seasons.