Berlin, you colorful stone, you beast, Berlin 7.03 - 28.03.2008 Maren Wienigk

Magda Korsinsky exhibits a two piece work, an overdimensional bedcover and a matching pillow case. Using patch work technique both objects were sewed from her friend’s bedsheets as well as her own. The newly created beddings which in its size outreach the normal size by far, promise an equally enormous sensation of security, closeness, the possiblility of protecting, hiding, holing up as well as cozyness and warmths. Just like the bed is a protected place, friends can create a sheltered place where there is truth, trust and security.

For Magda Korsinsky clothes, which are made out of fabric just like bedding are the second skin, the house is the third, both are part and parcel of human life. Our own cover too is our bed, the nest in which we are as vulnerable as nowhere else.

Translation: Eva Liedtke