My portrait in screen print In the printworkshop of the Kulturwerk BBK with the "lions" of the RÜTLI-PRIMARY SCHOOL, 9th june, 26th june, the july 2017

Artists have been struggling for ages with the difficulties of showing the individual in the portrait. They search for how they can draw or paint inner states, such as feelings and character traits.

Man should be captured in the portrait in its ambiguity. All sides of his personality. But there is always a gap between the human being and his image, which always raises the question of the truth of the portrait. To this day, the mystery of human individuality has not been revealed.

How are we like us? How the parents raised us or the school or friends? Or were we born this way?

In the classic portrait, one shows a person thru facial features, posture and hands. The word “portrai” comes from the Latin and means the “visualization” of the invisible.

How can we portray the unique personality of a person in the picture?