TryOut TANZTAGE BERLIN 2017 "Documentary Dance - Four skechtes out of reality" Performances 7th., 8th. january 2017, each 7 pm

To what extent are acts, gestures and convictions passed on, changed or rejected? Based on interviews and biographies, the two performers deal with the gestural heritage given to Afro-German women by their white grandmothers, who had lived during the time of National Socialism.

PERFORMANCE: Ekua Mansah Bukowsky, Hilla Steinert
LIGHT: Catalina Fernández
VOICE: Theresa Henning
MUSIC: Der freundliche Sultan

With kindly support of: HZT Berlin and Ballhaus Naunynstraße.

Thanks to all friends, who gave me insight into their stories in talks and interviews.

fotos: Dieter Hartwig
foto: Elitza Nanova-Stumpfe