The quiet ribbon 2012 choreographic a-capella-opera 60 min Uferstudios Berlin and St.-Johannes Evangelist-Kirche, Berlin
The quiet ribbon / trailer / 3:02 min / premiere 19.06.2012 in Uferstudios / filmed by Nike Arnold, Stefan Schmied / produced by Expander Film

“The quiet ribbon” is a choreographic a cappella opera, an ensemble of hidden laws and a visible penetration of invisible prerequisites. Inclusion and exclusion cause unforeseeable matrixes of constantly changing and fleeting constellations and relations.

Idea/ Concept/ Choreography: Magda Korsinsky
Composition/ Musical direction: Ruth Wiesenfeld
Composition, choreography, performance, singing:
Antonia Munding, Beate von Hahn, Johanne Braun, Oliver Uden, Philipp Caspari, Philipp Mayer
Stage: Paula Döpfner
Costume: Miriam Marto
Lighting design: Lutz Deppe
Choreographic mentor: Jan Burkhardt

Supported by: HZT Berlin and the Berlin Senate, Cultural Administration

pictures © Sven Hagolani