Screenprint workshops for professional artists screenprint workshop in Kunstquartier Bethanien BBK Berlin

Using their own templates (painting, drawing, photocopy), the participants (max. six) can create small editions on paper with a maximum size of 20 x 28 inch.

Theoretical part:

  • Brief theoretical introduction to the screen printing method
  • Explanation of the meaning of the screen printing process in artistic practice
  • How to create screen printing templates
  • What materials do you need to create screen prints
  • Demonstration of screen prints from previous beginners’ courses

Practical part:

  • Creating templates
  • Preparation of the screen (stripping, degreasing, coating, exposure)
  • Mixing the screen print ink
  • Choosing the right paper
  • Positioning of the paper
  • Testing the function of the printing table
  • Printing (a maximum of two different colours)


Provision of basic theoretical and practical knowledge in screen printing, which makes it possible to tackle more complex projects independently.


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