My Object is my Castle Seminar Detmolder Räume Schule für Architektur und Innenarchitektur Detmold

25 students

An approach to home with the help of objects, movement, audio and visual media.

The title of the seminar already indicates it: How can you capture the complex concept of home? How much of it does everyone need and what do we need to feel at home? In view of the Human Centered Design, what especially interests us is the question of the objecthood of the home. To what extent can the objects, products and artifacts that surround us be part of an answer?
Through the interdisciplinary encircling of the issue, with the help of scenographer Gabriele Vöhringer, choreographer Magda Korsinsky and media artist Dominik Rinnhofer, we try to approach the concept of home during the “Detmolder Räume”symposium. We search for the needs of the individual, which need to be exposed under the tangle of today’s needs.