Water and Me performance for children 8 + theatre Oberhausen premiere 22th january 2022 45 min

We live on the blue planet and our bodies consist of over seventy percent water. When children are asked about water, many things come to mind: Clouds, ice, snow, rain, fog, swimming, splashing, rivers, lakes and drinking. They know that water consists of three states of aggregation and fantasise real and surreal sea creatures. But they are also afraid of drowning, think about floods, climate change, water shortages and all the plastic in the sea.

Based on interviews lead by choreographer Magda Korsinsky with children between the ages of eight and twelve, “Water and Me” explores the social and political aspects of water. “Water and Me” is a solo piece embedded in a video installation in which the actress Samia Dauenhauer choreographically transfers the children’s diverse stories to the stage. The three songs “Made of Gold” (Ibeyi feat. Pa Salieu), “La Muchacha” (Los Rios) and “Les voleurs d’eau” (Imany, Henri Salvador) form the transition to the children’s drawings of the future, which were transferred into 3D video worlds.

Inteview partners:
Coco, Cuysa, Edgar, Freya, Frieda, Mia, Milo, Naê, Sebastian, Zara

with: Samia Dauenhauer
concept and choreographie: Magda Korsinsky
stage: Marian Nketiah
video: Stefan Korsinsky und Lilli Kuschel
3D: Alexander Pannier
costumes:: Mariama Sow
sound / music: Martin Engelbach
light: Lutz Deppe
dramaturgie: Daniele G. Daude
co-dramaturgie: Viktoria Göke
theaterpedagogic: Anke Weingarte
directors assistance: Milda Emilija Mičiulytė
stage assistance: David Camargo
costume assistance: Andrea Barba

fotos: Isabel Machado Rios