Take a BREAK (14+) a theatre production featuring youths Theater an der Parkaue Berlin Premiere: April 14, 2023 50 mins

Nominatet for the IKARUS Theater Prize 2023 in the categorie Youth Theater.
Intermediate selection for the 45th Youth Theatre Meeting 2024.

Higher. Faster. Further. More. This social mantra already starts at school and continues on Instagram, in higher education and at work. But what happens if we resist this peer pressure, if we press the STOP button and take a break?

If we have a lie in, chill, don´t do anything or do exactly what we feel like doing? How is that compatible with graduation, the search for a profession and work itself? And how can taking a break be a political act?

Choreographer and visual artist Magda Korsinsky teamed up with the rappers Sookee and Alice Dee to create a piece that, by using dance, moves, rap and spoken word, questions social expectations and the “hustle culture” and describes what a world where more breaks are taken might look like.

Director: Magda Korsinsky
Stage design: Marian Nketiah
Costume: Mariama Sow
Sound design: Sky Deep
Script, artistic education: Amrit Walia
Writing workshop and rap coaching: Sookee
Writing workshop and rap coaching (group rap): Alice Dee
Lighting: Lutz Deppe
Relaxed performance consultants: Milena (Miles) Wendt / Angela Alves

By and starring: Asena Ersöz, Chiamaka Ezeh, Marta Ivkić, Jasmin, Lena Sofia Lange, Liv
Lauritzen, Andilath Maroufou, Elea Muna, Juli Schulz, Vanessa Semenihin, Christin Wieder

Photos: Dave Großmann