The Future Is Yours (14+) participatory project Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig Premiere: November 12, 2022 approx. 60 mins

Participatory project in the East of Leipzig (Garage Ost) about resistance and solidarity in the past, present and future for people aged 14 and overHow can we stand up for a united and autonomous future, in which antisemitism, racism, sexism and other forms of structural violence are deprived of their power? How does resistance work?

15 residents of Leipzig aged between 14 and 80 delve into these questions with their minds and hearts in THE FUTURE IS YOURS by looking at the experiences and perspectives of forced labourers and their descendants from the former “satellite” concentration camp for women in Leipzig-Schönefeld. Using the media of theatre, dance, video and music, they explore how all our lives are intertwined with forced labour and National Socialism and what we can learn from that today and tomorrow.

Artistic directors: Magda Korsinsky & Thomas Blum
Assistant director: Johanna Morgen
Script: Katrin Maiwald and Florian Heller
Installation: Kollektiv Plus X
Music: Viktoria Medvedko & Ludovico Failla
Video: Pedro Henrique Risse
Costume: Djuna Reiner

Cast: Katrin Aichinger, Lukas Becher, Line Bigl, Minou Bouchehri, Daniela Delphine Döring, Sarah El Sheimy, Meret Günther, Jörg Kerstan, Kiki, Lea, Christa Manz-Dewald, Birgit Oesterle, Gustav Peinel, Karo Schmidt, Leon Wuth